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Katt Lloyd is a second-generation California girl who loves to read and write light Urban Fantasy.

Katt’s favorite childhood TV show featured Honey West, a Judo chopping Private Investigator with a hunky male assistant and a pet ocelot, Bruce. Honey drove a sporty convertible, wore smoke bomb earrings and a lot of spotted prints. All Bruce had to do was hiss at the bad guys and they’d drop their guns. Katt dreamt of being both that curvy P.I. and the exotic kitty.

She won the June 2017 Cool Stuff 4 writers contest. The second book in her Violet Snow series, Violet Sees Red, finaled in the Romance Writers of America’s Future, Fantasy, & Paranormal Chapter On the Far Side Contest.

She’s a member of Romance Writers of America, Past President of the East Valley Authors of RWA, and a member of the Orange County Chapter and Future, Fantasy & Paranormal Chapter of RWA.

Currently, Katt is busy writing and editing the first book in her Violet Snow series, Violet Gets the Blues.

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